Better Best Practices at ExpertZone Stockholm

Next week I’ll be talking about Best Practices, a current favourite topic, at the ExpertZone Developer Summit in Stockholm. Last year I ran a half-day workshop about SOA and gave a keynote with Erik Dörnenburg about simplicity in software, and this year I wanted to do something a little different. So when I heard there was a track called called “People Matters Too” I was keen to get involved.

This talk will be completely non-technical, aimed at anyone interested in how we learn and why we rebel when faced with Yet Another Change Programme.

BDD and DDD at Stockholm Javaforum

As an added bonus—for me at least—I’m going to be talking to the Stockholm Javaforum on Tuesday 8th April at 7pm. When I initially agreed to this I thought it would be a handful of geeks hanging out and talking about Java. It turns out they regularly draw around 200 people. And they’ve sold out. Yikes.

I’ve got an hour to talk about the relationship between Domain-Driven Design and Behaviour-Driven Development. I have no idea how I’ll be able to limit that to one hour but I’m going to try my best. This is timely because I am also working on an article explaining my take on DDD and BDD. Honest.