One day DDD track at SkillsMatter

There’s a one day domain-driven design event happening at SkillsMatter this Friday, 19 June in London. I’m not speaking this time so I get to sit back and enjoy some talented folks talking about really applying DDD rather than just theoretical stuff.

Eric Evans will be kicking things off at 10am then there are five talks throughout the day. Two sessions I’m particularly looking forward to are Gojko Adzic - who spoke on my “Architecture for Architects” track at QCon earlier this year - talking about DDD in a distributed environment, and mild-mannered superhero Phil Wills from The Guardian talking about how domain-driven design helped them rebuild the site.

In the interests of full disclosure I’ve been given a complimentary ticket, but in any case the event is well worth the cover price and I’m happy to help publicise it. As I write this, places are still available and you can book online.