Thank you

tl;dr: Thank you to some lovely people for translating or graphic recording some of my work.

One of the nicest compliments you can receive as a writer is someone choosing to translate your work to make it available to a new audience. I am enormously grateful to the people who have translated my articles and blog posts over the years, most recently Julia Kadauke, who translated What’s In A Story into German.

However nothing prepared me for the email from Denis Oleynik, CTO of, telling me he had translated no fewer than eight posts and articles into Russian!

They are:

All these links appear on the respective posts as well. Introducing BDD is now available in seven languages and What’s in a Story? is up to five!

While I am thanking people, I had the privilege of giving the opening talk earlier this month at Craft conference in Budapest. The talk is about Embracing Uncertainty and two graphic artists, Dóra Matyus and Márti Frigyik, recorded it in the following images:

Embracing Uncertainty 1/3

Embracing Uncertainty 2/3

Embracing Uncertainty 3/3

I first encountered graphic recording via ImageThink and quite apart from the wonderful experience of having your ideas rendered as images, it is a great way to learn what someone heard from your talk rather than what you think you said.