About Dan North & Associates

Dan North & Associates Ltd, or DNA, is Dan North’s consulting company. It enables him to advise and consult with clients as an independent voice, while allowing him to partner with other specialists and trusted advisers to provide a comprehensive consulting service.

Dan North is a technology and organisational consultant who helps business leaders, managers and software teams deliver quickly, successfully and sustainably.  Dan’s background in software delivery, Lean operations, coaching and organisational change means he is ideally placed at the intersection of all of these to help you go faster.

About Dan North

Dan has been coaching, coding and consulting for over 25 years, with a focus on applying systems thinking and simple technology to solve complex business problems. He uses techniques from Lean operations, Theory of Constraints and Agile software development to help IT organisations anticipate and respond to the challenges of changing business needs.

Dan is the originator of Behaviour-Driven Development, an agile approach to software development that encourages teams to deliver the software that matters by emphasising the interactions between stakeholders. He also proposed Deliberate Discovery, which challenges assumptions around software planning and estimation. He argues that there are no best practices and that everything we do is subject to opportunity cost.

He is a popular keynote and session speaker at international technology conferences, on topics as diverse as software architecture, behavioural psychology, simplicity, uncertainty and learning. His presentation style has been described as Eddie Izzard meets the Architect from The Matrix.