BDD article published in Better Software magazine

So, it’s taken me two years to finally get round to writing down what behaviour-driven development is all about, but I’m pleased with the result. The article has just been published in the March edition of Better Software as “Behavior ((I didn’t quite get away with the UK spelling)) Modification”.

I started talking about BDD as an evolution of TDD at the back end of 2003, and played with the idea of a BDD framework, in the form of JBehave, during 2004. I made some noise about it at the Agile Developers’ Conference in June 2004, and then at the end of the year everything went kind of quiet. That’ll teach me to have a day job.

At the end of last year, I finally got back into BDD evangelist mode, and decided to write the story of behaviour-driven development: where it came from, what it’s about, how it has grown and where it is going. Just when I was busy working out what I wanted to say, by a curious coincidence, Brian Marick approached me to write an article about BDD and JBehave for his excellent magazine, Better Software, which I was targeting as my ideal audience anyway. Hurrah!

You know what to do! Rush to the site and take out a subscription so you can read the article and tell all your friends about it.

I have to thank Brian and his excellent editorial team, as well as the ThoughtWorkers who gently (!) shepherded me through the process of writing and editing the article. In particular, Liz Keogh, Martin Fowler (yes, that one), Joe Walnes and Rebecca Parsons were extremely helpful and supportive. Thanks guys.