Thank you

2 mins
tl;dr: Thank you to some lovely people for translating or graphic recording some of my work. One of the nicest compliments you can receive as a writer is someone choosing to translate your work to make it available to a new audience. I am enormously grateful to the people who have translated my articles and blog posts over the years, most recently Julia Kadauke, who translated What’s In A Story into German.

Adventures With Agile interview

10 mins
[Adventures With Agile interviewed me recently ahead of teaching a couple of classes with them in June. The original interview is on their blog.] What was your first job in the industry? ¶My first job was playing Star Wars for a living. True story! I had a student internship in 1988 with a games company called Domark. They published the 8-bit versions of movie and board game tie-ins like Star Wars and Trivial Pursuit on home computers like the ZX Spectrum or Commodore 64.

Upcoming classes

3 mins
I am excited to announce some public dates for my Testing Faster and Software Faster classes. These include the first 2-day classes this year, and the first ever public dates for London. Software Faster masterclass ¶Software Faster is for people looking beyond Scrum and the other agile methods that have been around since the mid–1990s. These methods can shrink delivery times from years to months, but then what? You want to deliver in weeks, days or even hours.

Two hours per team

8 mins

Someone asked me recently for advice about consulting into multiple teams, in particular about how to make the most effective use of a number of short sessions. He will be spending two hours with each team in each visit. This will be an ongoing relationship, with a series of visits made up of these two hour coaching sessions.

BDD by example

9 mins

tl;dr: Send us your examples of real world BDD. Read on to find out why.

The panel

“What is BDD?”

“How can I tell if I’m ‘doing BDD right’? Or wrong? Is there even such a thing?”

“Where should I start?”

“Is this or that practise considered part of BDD?”

“What are the mandatory ”core“ practises of BDD?”

These and similar questions were the topic of the closing panel at the recent CukeUp conference in London.

Watch this space

4 mins

I’ve been taking a few weeks of semi-vacation in South Africa and I’m in a reflective mood, so please forgive the indulgent tone of this post. I’ve been thinking about what an awesome industry I work in, and some of the people who have been moving it forward over the last few years, at least for me. I wanted to take a moment to appreciate them. If you haven’t come across any of the following topics  I encourage you to explore further. At the very least you should be following these folks on Twitter.

Six Impossible Things

4 mins

I’m having fun in the most unlikely of places. I’m currently working at a Big American Bank. In fact, it’s so big it’s called Bank of America. I recently wrote an article for their internal agile magazine which probably best describes why I think it’s so much fun, and which I’ve reproduced below.