If you are reading this it’s probably because you are helping me set up a class, so thanks for that. If anything here doesn’t make sense, please contact me and I’ll try to help.

I use a teaching approach called Accelerated Learning, which is described really nicely in the book Training from the Back of the Room. The guiding principle is that people learn best when they teach, so they work in small groups and a lot of the class is about discussion and exercises.

This works best if the room is set up with small tables of 4-6 people. There are no PowerPoint slides but I use an iPad to project hand-drawn diagrams and notes so I will need a projector with HDMI or VGA connector.

There are no handouts, so there should be a pen and notebook for everyone. If you have branded notebooks these can act as a souvenir of the class. Some people prefer to take notes on a laptop or tablet, so if possible there should be power strips available for each table.

There should be access to water, coffee and healthy snacks, ideally in the room as well as at set break times. I’ve noticed that natural light makes a huge difference to the energy in the room.