Introducing BDD in Japanese

I am delighted to announce the official Japanese translation of Introducing BDD.

It’s easy to forget how big the Internet is and how small the world can be. Last year I gave a BDD talk at QCon in San Francisco that made its way onto InfoQ.

A Japanese programmer called Yukei Wachi watched it and decided he wanted to know more about BDD. He read my Introducing BDD article and felt it was worth translating into Japanese. He then translated several thousand words in what seemed like no time at all.

Yukei asked me for a couple of sentences to introduce the Japanese translation, and then with typical Japanese modesty decided to drop the part where I thank him. So here is the introduction again with the first sentence intact.

I am thankful to Yukei Wachi for translating this article from English for you, and I am grateful to you for your interest in Behaviour-Driven Development. I hope you find this article useful, and that you enjoy your journey into BDD as much as I have.

Thanks Yukei.