Upcoming classes

I am excited to announce some public dates for my Testing Faster and Software Faster classes. These include the first 2-day classes this year, and the first ever public dates for London.

Software Faster masterclass

Software Faster is for people looking beyond Scrum and the other agile methods that have been around since the mid–1990s. These methods can shrink delivery times from years to months, but then what? You want to deliver in weeks, days or even hours. The last two decades have seen amazing technological advances, in languages, tools, techniques, and in the availability of inexpensive, on-demand infrastructure. What use is a two-week planning horizon if you can build, deploy, test and discard several product ideas in a single morning?

In the masterclass I customise the Software Faster content to the people in the room. One group may go deep into technical topics like adaptive architecture and emergent design, deployment and automation, or wrangling legacy systems. A different group may concentrate on delivery challenges like estimation, planning and scheduling, or team dynamics and organisation design, or metrics and lean operations. It’s never the same class twice, which is why I enjoy teaching it so much.

I will be running the 2-day class in Copenhagen next week (there may still be a couple of seats left), and in London on 6–7 June.

I am running 1-day workshops in association with these conferences:

Testing Faster masterclass

Testing Faster is a brand new class for anybody working in an agile team, not just for testers. I designed the class for teams who are struggling to understand where testing fits into agile software delivery, and how to transition their traditional testers and testing practises. The agile testing world seems to be stuck in unhelpful dichotomies of “automated vs. manual testing” or “testing vs. checking”. My experience is that testing is a richer, broader and deeper set of disciplines than these distinctions would suggest.

The Testing Faster class starts by exploring the purpose of testing, and gets into test strategy, i.e. what, where and when to test, and test design, or how to test. Then we look at the relationship between BDD and testing, and at the pros and cons of automation. Finally we turn the subject on its head and think about what it means to design for testability. What is testable architecture and design? What about testable deployment or testable runtime?

I am running the 2-day masterclass in London on 2–3 June. The 1-day workshop in Budapest on 26 April has already sold out.

I will update my blog as we schedule new classes. Depending on demand that may happen more regularly!