RSpec book in beta

It’s finally happening - I’m writing a book! Well ok, the remarkable David Chelimsky is writing a book. It’s called Behaviour Driven Development with RSpec, Cucumber and Friends and myself and a few other folks are contributing in varying degrees.

The book is already in beta, which means you can buy the PDF now from the Pragmatic Press and you’ll get the print version as soon as it’s ready - and still get change out of $50, which can’t be bad.

The folks at the Pragmatic Press have been brilliant - especially the ever-patient Jackie Carter - and my second chapter will hopefully be in the next beta (or if not, definitely the one after that). It’s also surprisingly satisfying to be writing in vim rather than Microsoft Word!

Well, that’s enough for now. With any luck I’ll be back blogging a bit more frequently. Next up, learning about learning, thinking about thinking and why we are so crap at estimating.